The Path from El Pinar to Las Playas

Sunrise from El Pinar

The sun rising behind Teide, and no, I haven't changed the colours.

Here are some photos of an early morning walk from El Pinar towards Las Playas and the Parador.

An aonium growing by a dry stone wall, El Pinar, El Hierro

A bejeque growing by a dry stone wall

A large Aonium in flower

A bejeque in flower beside the path

I didn’t walk all the way down to the sea, because I didn’t have time to walk all the way back up. But I did enjoy the views, and the tranquillity.

The view down to Las Playas on the path from El Pinar

The view down to Las Playas

The photos have been cropped to size, but not altered in any other way.

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